Pack Wars is a game where you are randomly assigned a pack from a sealed hobby box and you battle against other players to see who will win the whole box. There are 2 battle modes which are Free-For-All and Battle Royale. 


1. Battle Royale: This is a bracket style tournament. 

  • 1 winner will take home multiple boxes for a single buy-in price
  • It is single elimination, winner takes all unless otherwise stated
  • You only face 1 opponent per round
  • Determining winning #'s may change every round
  • You may buy more spots to increase your odds but they are limited as follows
      • 4 Spot - 1 buy-in
      • 8 Spot - 2 buy-ins
      • 16 Spot - 4 buy-ins
      • 32 Spot - 8 buy-ins

               NOTE: If you buy more than 1 spot we will set the bracket so that you will not battle yourself. THIS APPLIES TO THE FIRST ROUND ONLY!!!

2. Free-For-All: This is where all opponents are battling each other for the top spot. There is no bracket, it's everyone against everyone.

  • The person with the best deciding winning number will be the winner.
  • Winner takes all unless otherwise stated



In most Pack Wars we will use the serial # of a card from your pack but that's not always possible so we may use player stats or card number. Here are some examples:

  • Lowest Left Serial # - If you have a 13/15 then 13 would be your deciding number. If your opponent pulls a 3/99 theirs would be 3 and they would be the winner because 3<13 . All ties will be decided by the lowest right #
  • Highest Sum Of Both #'s - If you have a 45/50 your deciding number would be 95. If your opponent pulls a 3/5 then their number would be 8 and you would be the winner because 90>8
  • Random Base Card # - We come up with a random base card #. The person with the closest card # to that number without going over will be the winner. If nobody gets a card # below the target number then we will use the closest card that is over the number.
  • Stat Based # - We will pick a stat that appears on the back of the card. The person with card that has the highest or closest to the stat we chose will be the winner

    There are multiple variations we might use, all this information can be found on the product page


    • If there happens to be a tie that we can not settle then we will use to determine the winner. We will roll dice and randomize the list of players in the tie. The name on the top of the list after randomization will be the winner.
    • We pick products that have the highest chance to have a qualifying card for battle in every pack. If for some reason your pack does not contain a qualifying card then you automatically lose that round.